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Introducing my newest creation, my eye gems! Why are they eye gems? Because they are original watercolor paintings on paper, fully encased in resin making them very strong and glass-like. All of the metal is sterling silver, making these the most special necklaces in town!  


Weighing about 6oz each including the chain, the necklace is very light weight so you aren't going to mind having it on your neck all day. It is made with Art Resin which has UV protection to help prevent yellowing and discoloring from the sunlight in time.


The pendants are made delicately in a multiple pour resin process.  They are not uniform in shape, all will be different, and may have some imperfections in the surface due to being made by hand. 


Pendant is approximately 3"x1.75" and with the chain it is adjustable from 18" to 20"

Eye Gem *Original* Necklace 2