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This set includes the large sketchbook, the small sketchbook, two pencils, and two 50 page sticky notes! 


The small sketchbook is a soft cover, fully wrapped in the delicate rose print. The inside cover is a muted version of the print. It is 5.25" x 8.25" in size, it has 144 Blank Pages made with 70lb paper. This book is waiting to be filled with all of your secrets! 


The large sketchbook is 8.5" x 11" with a 100 lb soft-touch laminated water-resistant cover on both the front and the back. There is a hard-back backing right before the rose cover on the back side, making it perfectly sturdy for sketching on-the-go!


The two mechanical pencils are wrapped in the rose print to match the books! The sticky notes are the roses in a muted tone, so your notes-to-self can easily be read. 

Velvetmush Sketchbook Set